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A Journey of Change through Christ

Amy Grubb, Guest Contributor

January-February 2019 Inscribed

Two thousand miles.

That’s the distance between Waynesboro, Georgia, and Bozeman, Montana. For many of our students, Bozeman might as well be on the other side of the world, not the other side of the country. In rural Waynesboro, most of our students have not flown in a plane or traveled west of Alabama.

When Faith Christian Academy students visit Bozeman this summer, they will have the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually. This summer camp gives them the chance to experience first hand the beauty and diversity of the America beyond the borders of our state. They will also interact with students from outside of the “Bible belt” and compare with these students how they put their faith into action. From the leadership skills developed by organizing fundraising for the trip to the independence fostered in adventure activities to the friendships build with those across the country, I trust that our FCA students will come back to Waynesboro changed in a positive way.

I also know that this summer will provide a deepening for our students spiritually. They will spend each morning studying the Bible with YTI professors. What a fantastic opportunity for our high school students! I know these professors will challenge and strengthen their faith. I am also excited about the opportunity that the students will have to grow spiritually alongside of each other. Ecclesiastes 4:12 reminds us of the strength of three; I trust that the bond that will grow among this group of Yellowstone Junior Scholars will be strong when they return from Bozeman. This shared experience will develop a core of student leadership at FCA.

Part of our mission at FCA is to change the world through Christ. We are purposeful in that mission as we teach students how to share and defend their faith and lead them to participate in service ministries here in Waynesboro. Now, FCA students will be stepping beyond the coastal plains of Georgia and embarking on a journey to Bozeman which will allow them to change and to be changed through Christ.

Amy Grubb

Mrs. Amy Grubb is principal of Faith Christian Academy in Waynesboro, Georgia. A number of students from FCA will be traveling to Bozeman this July to participate in YTI’s Yellowstone Junior Scholars program.

Principal, Faith Christian Academy

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