Bridger Mountains near Bozeman with fence and grass in foreground

A Vision Worth Supporting

By YTI Staff

July-August 2018 Inscribed

YTI supporters share why they think Yellowstone Theological Institute is a good investment. For more on how you can partner with YTI, visit our Giving page.

“YTI teaches us all to be servants to others and one another. It also teaches our students to model the importance of caring for our neighbors which is what the love of God is all about! … YTI is busy serving the community by volunteering at the Fork and Spoon restaurant. Dr. Jay Smith works with the MSU Spirit of the West marching band. He has also arranged music for them. YTI also serves them meals after their big summer camps. YTI has been involved with a soccer camp for several years. This year they also sponsored and helped support the Blitzz FC Soccer Camp. YTI continues to work with other local organizations such as Interchange and the Love for Learning School in the county. We strive to make Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley a better place!”


“The values of inclusion, grace without prerequisites, and bringing ‘church’ to the community, for the community, rather than expecting the community to come to church and conform to it [attract me to the YTI vision]. We need more organized institutions and places of higher learning that encourage and teach those kinds of values and take them out into the world.”


“One of the core values of YTI is to provide Christians an opportunity to creatively express their faith through the arts, ministering in local coffee shops, or living out gospel principles through social ministries and care for the natural world. That appeals to me … Pastors, staff, and leaders are trained in small groups to enhance their gifts and abilities. New relationships are formed with others who attend locally and from other places. [YTI’s programs] have a relational component and a network is formed for the sharing of ideas, encouragement, and support.”


“We are not all blessed with the same abilities. We cannot all be missionaries or evangelists, but in Matthew 28:20, part of the Great Commission is also to teach. We have a duty to support Christian education at all levels. Just as we support missions and other ministries, we should support the teaching and mentoring of future leaders and the training and preparation of those who will go tomorrow in our stead. We support YTI because we know it will be much more than a seminary. It will be a welcoming space and a beacon of light for many in the local community and thousands of miles beyond.”


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