Lance Green

Lecturer in Theology and Adventure

Lance’s Story

Lance Green riding bike in the mountainsLance interprets the whole of his education as an attempt to further answer those questions that first vexed him as an undergraduate: what is the relationship between theology and philosophy and how should Christianity best interpret how God relates to the created world? These themes are constant through his academic career, acting as a fixed point for all of his other theological interests.

While completing his master’s degree at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN), Lance became increasingly focused on bringing the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger into conversation with theology. This led to his immersion in the thought of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Erich Przywara, both of whom act as his theological mooring and are essential to his doctoral work at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). His dissertation explores the interplay between poetics and metaphysics in J.R.R. Tolkien, Heidegger, and Balthasar. More generally, Lance’s research interests included Trinitarian theology, the analogy of being, and the philosophy of technology.

Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Lance has a special fondness of the wilderness and the mountains, and is an avid outdoorsman and cyclist—road, gravel, and mountain. Lance spent a number of years working in the bicycle industry, which developed his intense love for mountain biking. He is constantly looking for new trails to ride, gravel roads to explore, and mountains to climb, none of which are in short supply in Bozeman. He also has two pit bull rescues, Eowyn and Rosie. Despite a fondness for the quality coffee, culture, and restaurants provided by urban settings, Lance is far more comfortable in the rural and wild places. Thus, he is especially enthusiastic about expanding the rigor of the classroom to the trails, rivers, and lakes surrounding Bozeman. The unique mission of YTI and the landscape of the Gallatin Valley allow him to integrate all of his loves.



University of St. Andrews, PhD in Systematic Theology
Supervisor: Judith Wolfe, PhD


Luther Seminary, MA in Systematic Theology, magna cum laude
Thesis: “A Balthasarian Way Forward: Beyond Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Subordination of the Feminine”
Supervisor: Lois Malcolm, PhD


Trinity Lutheran College, BA in Philosophy and Theology, cum laude

Research Interests

Systematic theology, Trinitarian theology, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Martin Heidegger, philosophy of technology, Theo-poetics, J.R.R. Tolkien.


Review of Luther and Beauty by Mark Mattes, Journal of Analytic Theology, 6 (August 2018).

Review of “Sweet and the Bitter”: Death and Dying in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings by Amy Amendt-Raduege, The Journal of Inkling Studies 8 (July 2018): 203-206.

“How Does Christian Mysticism Redefine Our Sexuality?” vignette in Sexy: The Quest for Erotic Virtue in Perplexing Times, by Dr. Jeff Mallinson. Irvine: NRP Books, 2017.

Invited and Public Lectures

“Literary and Religious Studies Scholars Read Together: Faulkner’s ‘That Evening Sun,’ A Socratic Seminar” March 12, 2016. Southwest Commission on Religious Studies. Dallas, TX

Papers Presented

“Poetry and the Redemption of Language: The Philosophy of Solmaz Sharif’s Look” April 1, 2017. “Upper Midwest American Academy of Religion. Saint Paul, MN.

“A Coakleyian Reading of Hans Urs von Balthasar: Reading Balthasar Against Himself” April 2, 2016. Upper Midwest American Academy of Religion. St. Paul, MN.

“Removing the Brackets: Trinitarian Theology’s Resuscitation of Pneumatology” March, 28, 2015. American Academy of Religion. Portland, OR.

“Aronofsky’s The Fountain and Mircea Eliade: The Union of Myth and History” October, 23, 2014 Baylor Institute of Faith and Learning Symposium: Faith and Film. Waco, TX.

“Cross Appropriation: Martin Luther’s Influence on Martin Heidegger” April 5, 2013. Upper Midwest American Academy of Religion. Saint Paul, MN.

“The Preaching of Justification and Illocutionary Acts” May 15, 2011. Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion. Spokane, WA.


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