Innovative Approaches for a Dynamic Culture

The world is going through a technological and cultural paradigm shift. The exponential increase in communication, biomedical, agricultural, and information technologies has caused a shift in what, and how, human beings develop, learn, and live.

Engaging a new world

The church knows that this is occurring and yet has engaged too little, too late. Immersed in a conception of the church – what it means to be God’s people – that is now functionally anachronistic in both mission and perception, the church finds itself becoming irrelevant in this new culture.

A similar tragedy is occurring in the church’s educational support system. Seminaries and divinity schools, ever ahead of the intellectual problems of theology and biblical studies, have become disconnected from the actual needs and concerns of a church in transition. Seminary and divinity school attendance has been declining drastically in the last two decades. Not even an attempt to embrace online learning has substantively improved the seminary decline. The world has changed.

Yellowstone Theological Institute seeks to address this trend. While the world changes and the traditional seminary wanes, YTI and its experienced, entrepreneurial faculty are changing the way theological education is delivered in, and to, our world.

The traditional seminary focuses on a classroom education that segments learning from practice. Even the traditional seminary’s enticing appeals to residential and online learning are not only insufficient, but also continue to fail to deliver the education that men and women called to ministry in this culture need to carry out meaningful ministry.

Yellowstone Theological Institute seeks to provide theological education for men and women called to ministry from all walks of life and denominational perspectives. The institute seeks to draw students from its region, the greater United States, and around the world.

Keeping education affordable

In an ever-changing culture, Yellowstone Theological Institute seeks to provide an affordable theological education to those students who choose to enroll for training. Tuition costs will be kept low through endowment giving and the emphasis on a small core faculty, a small central campus with several branch campuses, and resource partnerships with other local institutions.

Innovating and re-imagining

Yellowstone Theological Institute seeks to provide an innovative theological education to its students. In this respect, YTI strives to establish global leadership in the missional re-imagining of Christian witness. An initial investment in a small core of full-time faculty with significant theological and ministerial credentials who are experts on current contemporary cultural and theological trends will provide the stimulus for that innovation. Adjunct professors with similar significant credential will also be employed.