Mission & Values

A Graduate Theological School Grounded in the Love of Christ and Inspired by the Vision of Our Founders

The mission of Yellowstone Theological Institute, and our dream for our students and community, is to pioneer a unique way in which men and women share the love of God and embody the church by empowering spiritual leaders through a cutting edge, global study of the Bible, theology, and culture.

In all that we do, we adhere to three core values:

#1 YTI takes a steadfast yet open-minded approach to embracing theological studies in a nature-appreciating, arts-centric, and community-centered environment.

#2 We do so within a spiritually safe and breathtakingly beautiful setting that fosters exploration and evaluation of one’s ideals and beliefs.

#3 All of our programs, courses, and discussions are facilitated by best-in-class educators who encourage and challenge individuals to make innovations in education, leadership, artistic expressions, and ministry.

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