The Values of YTI

Dynamic Faith 

In a postmodern world, faith must be dynamic and life changing. A new generation of men and women want to experience the power and presence of God.

Compassionate Dialogue 

In a world as diverse and yet as confrontational as ours, the dialogue of love, acceptance, mercy, and forgiveness must begin with us. YTI holds this compassionate and irenic dialogue as a sacred trust.

World-Changing Ethics 

A changed life seeks to change its community. Theology at YTI sees its greatest expression in the actions of its students and programs throughout the world. The result of these actions is justice and peace for the entire community!

Meaningful Service & Re-Creation 

Students, faculty, and staff at YTI are all expected to serve for the sake of others in their local communities.

Insightful Scholarship 

Over 1000 years ago, the first universities in Europe sought to connect their experience of God with their understanding of philosophy and creation. YTI does not seek to ‘indoctrinate’ but rather to equip their students with the same critical skills and passion of those early scholars.

Creative Worship 

With the advances of worship technology and the evolution of worship forms, YTI seeks to enable students to engage in meaningful worship and other acts of beauty in liturgy.

Empowered Mission 

Sharing Christ and ministering to the needs of people in his name cannot be a canned presentation or a “one-size fits all” response to our hurting world. It requires a sensitivity to the Spirit of God as he is already at work in our world. Living Christ’s mission effectively will be living according to his Spirit.