Yellowstone Theological Institute exists for three primary reasons

Rendering of YTI chapel


YTI educates and equips people for Christian service and further graduate studies in religion, theology, culture, spirituality, and justice.

Jesus equipped his disciples. YTI understands that the world is changing. How people in Western culture understand and practice faith is changing as well. YTI seeks to help students come to terms with this culture through scholarship, mentored experience, and service.


YTI encourages Christians to engage in interfaith, intercultural, and inter-academic dialogues that promote greater appreciative understanding, resulting in communities of redemption, peace, and justice.

Jesus did not hesitate to engage the great questions of his day. YTI encourages similar dialogues under the conviction that bringing a variety of positions to mutually respectful conversation leads to enduring, redemptive transformation.


YTI seeks to strengthen connections; persons to God, persons to persons, persons in community, smaller communities to larger ones, and humanity to creation.

Jesus was immersed in the life of his community. By building strong connections, we create greater potential for vitality of life, wholeness, peace, and justice. YTI seeks to connect people with expressions of faith through education, recreation, and an appreciation of arts.