Academic Programs

YTI’s programs and courses are designed with you in mind, regardless of where you are on your faith journey.

Whether you are preparing for vocational ministry in the local church or a parachurch organization, want to be better equipped to serve in a volunteer capacity, or are exploring the meaning of faith in today’s dynamic world, YTI seeks to meet you where you are at. All courses may be taken for academic credit or audited for personal enrichment.

This website provides an overview of all YTI academic programs. You can also download a PDF of our Academic Catalog below.


YTI’s Master of Arts in Applied Theology degree is delivered through a combination of classroom engagement and online learning. Courses are theologically and biblically orthodox while simultaneously being relevant to culture, and are reviewed and revised every two years as necessary. YTI’s hybrid “Peripatetic” form of instruction is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary student and 21st century church. M.A.A.T. students will share the classroom experience with Diploma students and auditing students, but will have more rigorous academic requirements including online follow-up interaction with professors, essays, and exams.


Beginning in the fall of 2017, YTI will deliver a residential Master of Divinity degree on our Bozeman campus. The three-year residential course integrates the learning process into four interrelated tracks: Scriptures (biblical studies, languages), faith and life (theology, ethics, spirituality), world and culture (world religions, cultures), and practicum (worship, counseling, sacraments-ordinances). The goal is for the student to leave “a master” of divinity, not simply with a master of divinity degree.


The Diploma of Divinity program provides students a solid introduction to essential areas of biblical knowledge, theological understanding, and skills for the Christian life and ministry. Students complete ten core courses plus mentored ministry to satisfy the requirements of the Diploma. Diploma students will share the classroom experience with M.A.A.T. students and auditing students, and will have additional academic requirements including online follow-up interaction with professors, essays, and exams at a less-strenuous level than for M.A.A.T. students.


YTI will be offering a series of special conferences, on the completion of which participants may earn a Conference Certificate. Topics for the 2-day conferences will include the following:

Conference Topics

Western Heritage Ministry

Recreational Ministry

Worship Ministry

Theology and the Environment