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Master of Arts in Applied Theology

The Yellowstone Theological Institute Master of Arts in Applied Theology program offers students preparing for ministry—and other motivated learners— with graduate level training.

First and foremost is a broad grasp of the biblical record. A full quarter of the curriculum is focused on familiarity with and understanding of God’s self-disclosure in the Old and New Testaments. Key theological concepts are also explored, including essential Christian beliefs and God’s work in the world and in individual lives. Rounding out the core are classes supplying the fundamentals of spiritual formation, the use of exegetical tools, communication, pastoral care and counselling, conflict resolution, entrepreneurial leadership, and apologetics.

Beyond the core, 10 credit hours of additional study can be pursued for concentrations in biblical studies, theological studies, pastoral care and counseling, or entrepreneurial leadership. Advanced courses in each of these areas are offered as well as courses in discipleship, mission, spirituality, world religions and culture, biblical languages, and creative worship. Uniquely tailored “guided study” courses can be arranged with YTI professors to explore special interest areas that do not appear in the course listings.

M.A.A.T. students share the classroom experience with Diploma of Divinity students, allowing for exposure to a broad range of perspectives and experiences. Follow-up assignments do differ significantly between the two programs, with coursework being tailored to the appropriate level. Master’s-level assignments are more extensive than those for Diploma students and are graded accordingly.

Course Load

Two courses per session will be considered a full load in the Master of Arts in Applied Theology program. Students desiring to take more than two courses in a session must petition YTI for an overload. An overload of three courses will only be considered in consultation with and upon recommendation from the student’s mentor.

The M.A.A.T. degree can be completed in 36 to 48 months.

Specialty Tracks

YTI’s M.A.A.T. degree is offered with specialty tracks in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Pastoral Care & Counseling, Biblical Studies, and Theological Studies. Students must complete 30 credits in core courses plus 10 credits in their areas of specialty.

*NOTE: All programs subject to change.

The ‘Peripatetic’ Course Model

Following the ‘peripatetic’ model of Jesus, Paul, and ancient Greek philosophers, YTI is committed to ‘face-to-face’ instruction in different locations alongside an online presence. This hybrid form of instruction is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary student and 21st century church.

Our goal is to meet students where they are and to provide them with the education and guidance relevant to the needs of their communities. As part of pursuing this goal, our classes are offered on a rotating basis in Bozeman and at our regional center in Bellingham, Wash.

Classes typically meet for one week with a total of 15 hours of classroom time. Meeting times are usually scheduled Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-noon or 1 p.m.-4 p.m., or Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. (with the Thursday session concluding at 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.) For those pursuing academic credit, the week of in-person classes will be followed by five weeks of reading, course assignments, and online interaction with the instructor.