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Master of Divinity


The Yellowstone Theological Institute Master of Divinity degree is unique, challenging, and unparalleled in scope.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, YTI will deliver a residential Master of Divinity degree in Bozeman, Montana. Classes start August 28, 2017. [See the 2017-2018 academic calendar here.]

YTI M.Div. students are motivated, creative achievers, called to ministry, and ready to serve. This program is not for the weak of heart, nor for those who simply want to gain a credential. It is for men and women, called to ministry, who want the challenge of a unique education, and who want the knowledge and tools to pursue ministry in a creative and critical fashion.

Preparing Students for Ministry in a Dynamic World

Yellowstone Theological Institute (YTI) is charting a new course for a new era in theological and practical preparation for ministry.

According to the Association of Theological Schools, “The purpose of the Master of Divinity degree is to prepare persons for ordained ministry and for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings.” (ATS Degree Program Standards, A.1.1.1 June 2012).

In pursuit of this broad purpose, YTI’s innovative residential Master of Divinity program aims to truly prepare students to minister in our dynamic world. To be effective in achieving this goal, we are seeking to go beyond the traditional M.Div. program structure widely used in North American seminaries since the eighteenth century.

YTI’s M.Div. provides necessary training in key biblical, theological, and cultural topics, as well as in practical skills for ministry. This content is delivered within integrated seminars rather than compartmentalized courses. The program consists of four interrelated tracks: Scriptures (biblical studies, languages), Faith and Life (theology, ethics, spirituality), World Religions and Culture (world religions, cultures), and Practicum (worship, counseling, sacraments-ordinances). [Read more about M.Div program requirements HERE.]

In an age where a student can earn a Master of Divinity degree completely online, YTI insists on full-time residential study. We earnestly believe that meaningful education occurs in community with professors, staff, laypersons, and other students. This does not minimize the use of computers or the necessity of online resources; it simply prioritizes human contact in the educational process.

Expert Guides

The Yellowstone Theological Institute faculty is composed of some of the brightest scholars in the country. [Read more about our faculty HERE.] Faculty members have been published in peer-reviewed journals in addition to publishing monographs and chapters in collections. They also present regularly in regional, national, and international conferences. Our faculty are truly on the cutting edge in their disciplines. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to allow for meaningful interaction between students and instructors.

In addition, each student in the residential M.Div. is assigned an academic mentor, a spiritual director, and a ministry mentor in the community. These guides are indispensible in guiding our students on their educational journeys.

A Community of Learning

Education at YTI occurs within the context of the greater community, where students can engage in conversations with people having widely different opinions, conducted in mutual respect rooted in God’s love. YTI firmly believes that training for ministry must not occur behind high walls and in ivory towers, but within the ins and outs of day to day life.

Real life ministry is integrated into each track and practiced not only in churches, hospitals, and nursing homes, but also on the public grounds of YTI’s parks, gardens, cafés, and fields. The entire 80-acre YTI campus—The Yellowstone Center for Faith, Adventure, and the Arts—is a laboratory for theological education and hands-on ministry training. [Read more about The Yellowstone Center HERE.] With 10 acres of buildings; 70 acres of gardens, orchards, sports fields, and arts studios; and miles of trails for hiking, riding, and skiing, the Center’s Aspen Park is a place for Bozeman residents and YTI students to interact in unique ministry situations.

Learning at YTI occurs in an integrated array of weekly seminars, guided ministry, and community interaction. The goal is for Yellowstone Theological Institute M.Div. students to not merely earn a degree, but to actually become masters of divinity.

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