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Three Year Curriculum


Integrated Training

The YTI seminar is designed to provide a contemporary learning environment that promotes student achievement more than a traditional lecture environment.

YTI’s Master of Divinity curriculum consists of a series of interrelated seminars covering critical topics providing preparation for Christian ministry. The seminar tracks are precisely that: seminars involving lecture, engagement, reading, and practical participation in ministry projects. A student’s week is not only filled with seminar style learning, but also the opportunity to participate in and lead worship, work with community groups, lead community projects, and work with individuals in discipleship programs.

Seminar Schedule

Students enroll in 3 seminars every semester. Seminars may be mixed as necessary, as long as seminar competencies are met. Each seminar meets 1 1/2 hours per day, 4 days per week. As a residential program, YTI’s M.Div. format will require students to be on campus four days a week (Monday-Thursday) for two 12-week sessions and one 6-week session each academic year. Thus, students will need to be present in Bozeman for a minimum of 30 weeks each year.


All seminars have one professor of record and one professor ‘reader’. Special lecturers may also be invited to address the seminar on specific topics in which they have expertise. Each professor is required to assess not only the student’s scholarly achievement, but also each student’s character, vocational aptitude, and ability to manifest Christ-like virtue.

Student Evaluation

Each student’s seminar performance is evaluated by a pass-fail faculty committee. The committee will assign the student one of three “grades”: Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, or Does Not Meet Expectations. If a student does not meet the competencies, remedial work may be assigned in deficient areas. If necessary, he or she may enroll in another term in the track to work on meeting competencies, or may transfer to the M.A.A.T. program.


Once the student has passed all of his/her seminars, there will be a semester review or ‘capstone’ seminar which will culminate in the writing of a thesis and an hour-long oral examination with the faculty.

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