Bellingham Center student receives Diploma

By YTI Staff

February-March 2018 Inscribed

The weekend of February 10, 2018 was a watershed moment for YTI. During that time, Dr. Jay Smith, YTI’s president, presented Christina McKee with her Diploma of Divinity. Ms. McKee worked for more than two years to earn her diploma through YTI’s Bellingham Center.

Christina McKee receives her Diploma in Divinity from Dr. Jay Smith, YTI president (right), with Todd King, pastor at Christ the King Community Church in Bellingham, Washington.

The program, which will resume in Fall 2018, is designed to provide ministers and laypeople alike with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for subjects ranging from basic Christian doctrine to conflict management in the local church.

Ms. McKee is now better equipped to deepen her personal relationship with God, assist others as they learn more about the Christian faith, and be a responsible member of her local congregation. YTI is better because of the time shared with Ms. McKee; we are very proud of her.

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