Building TYC: Chris Budeski (Madison Engineering)

By YTI Staff

June 2017 Inscribed

This month, we highlight some of the key players in the building of The Yellowstone Center. We are thankful for the talented team of Bozeman-area professionals who are working together to make the Center a reality!

Chris BudeskiChris Budeski of Madison Engineering in Bozeman is the civil engineer working on The Yellowstone Center.

How did you get involved?

The Center realtor introduced me to Jay Smith, and Jay had questions, and we started working with them. I think there was divine intervention that took place. We’ve been actually on the job literally from the beginning. Before the property was even purchased, we were working on it. So, we’ve been there a long time.

What do you like about the project?

The people. The people who are involved with it all have the same goal. There are a lot of good Christian professionals involved, and that really makes for an enjoyable project. Also, it’s nice to be part of a project like this where you can see it maturing as it is being developed. The project has really evolved over time. There have been a lot of great designers working together to create it, and everyone is open for a suggestion—how can we make it better? The same for Jay [Smith] and Margaret [Stewart] for the theological side with how they want the facility to be set up to serve the public, with the café and the worship area and the school rooms and all that. Everybody has been open for suggestions to make it better. And it really is a beautiful project.

How will it impact Bozeman?

We’re definitely going to have a new community area with the “big house”, [the chapel at The Yellowstone Center]. And not only that, but providing opportunities for youth to have soccer fields developed and have smaller tournaments or soccer camps will be a big part of it. It’s a very open philosophy of the campus. There are public trails running through it north and south. But there’s also another component. It’s going to be a major anchor of the Christian community that’s open to the public. It will be a very welcoming campus.

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