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Building TYC: Loren Cantrell (Langlas & Associates)

By YTI Staff

June 2017 Inscribed

This month, we highlight some of the key players in the building of The Yellowstone Center. We are thankful for the talented team of Bozeman-area professionals who are working together to make the Center a reality!

Loren CantrellLoren Cantrell of Langlas & Associates in Bozeman is the lead contractor for The Yellowstone Center.

What do you like about the project?

It’s a very unique project, a large project with a lot of interesting features—fun features to build. You don’t get the opportunity to build something like this every day, so it’s attractive to be involved in that aspect of it. You don’t get to build projects for this type of ownership or group or this type of entity all the time. I’m a member of the Christian community here in the Gallatin Valley, and to be involved in a project of Christian or spiritual significance is important to me.

How will it impact Bozeman?

Whenever you seek to educate others in a Christian manner, you’re not just educating them so that they would be contained in their own little bubble, but I think ultimately with the Great Commission you’re educating them to impact the world for Christ. And so, we’re helping to construct something that fosters that. People are commissioned not just to stay at The Yellowstone Center but to go out from The Yellowstone Center and impact the world. Whether or not I’m called to the ministry is one thing, but maybe I can help as a piece of that puzzle by constructing something like this. We’re not all called to the same thing, and so what is it within what I do in construction and the talents that I’ve been given­—and our team—that we can use to orchestrate ourselves for a greater purpose? I don’t know that I felt called to ministry, but I am called to something, and maybe I can use those talents to help orchestrate a team around bringing The Yellowstone Center to life. I’m only a small piece of that puzzle, by the way. It’s certainly not an individual effort. There are a lot of people that are involved; we’re just a small piece of the puzzle.

Anything else?

Only our enthusiasm. We’re very excited about the project. It’s a unique design and it’s a unique project and it’s an excellent team that’s been assembled around the concept, and we’re excited to participate in that. We’re very excited to build this project for the community. It’s something that I think we’ll look back on and ultimately be very proud of!

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