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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you up to date on what’s happening at the intersection of faith, adventure, and the arts—including institute events, faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.


Inscribed - November-December 2017
The Holy Days
With the passing of “All Hallow’s Eve” (Halloween) we have entered into the holiday season. Let me encourage all of you this “Holy Day Season” to reclaim the hope of Christ. Rethink how you understand these days of darkness and the coming of the light of Christ. MORE
Holiday Reading List
We asked YTI faculty, staff, and friends to share some of their favorite holiday-related books. Here are their recommendations for reading (and listening!) this Christmas season. MORE
Fighting the ‘Jingle Bell Blues’
I suspect virtually all of us have seen at least one Hallmark movie at about a family at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Someone enters a new and grand relationship. A child reunites with an estranged parent. Still another finds a new or improved housing situation. The list of potential Hallmark moments is lengthy. The holiday season … MORE
Wonderment and the World
This past fall, I have been teaching a seminar about the history of science and religion entitled “Wonderment and the World.” Dr. Jay Smith kicked off these classes with a presentation challenging Lynn White Jr.’s controversial article, “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis,” first published in Science in 1967. White’s piece blames the Christian … MORE
Student Voices: Joy Carlough
Joy Carlough is a member of YTI’s inaugural Master of Divinity class in Bozeman. In this interview, she shares some of her story and her experience thus far as a YTI student. MORE
YTI Spotlight: Kim Treat
Kim Treat is Central States Recruiting Administrator for YTI. She resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with her husband, Todd. In this interview, she tells us a little about herself and her work for the institute. MORE
From the President
It has begun. Since 2014, YTI has been preparing feverishly for the launch of its unique Master of Divinity program. Starting Master of Applied Theology classes in Bozeman; Boise, Idaho; and Bellingham, Wash. were a part of the run up to starting the Master of Divinity. MORE

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