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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you up to date on what’s happening at the intersection of faith, adventure, and the arts—including institute events, faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.

February 2016

Inscribed - February 2016
The Trinity: Imagination, Reality, and Power
NOTE: The following is an adaptation of a lecture delivered in Boise and Bellingham in October 2015. The doctrine of the Trinity lies at the heart of the Christian faith, yet relatively few understand its meaning or importance. Those who follow Christ have pondered the nature of God since roughly A.D. 33. The person of … MORE
Jim Bridger Society Members Are Pioneers in Theological Education
Jim Bridger was one of the foremost of the “mountain men” in the 19th century. Though born in Virginia, he made his fame trapping and guiding in the Rocky Mountains from southern Colorado to Canada between 1820 and 1850. He knew Kit Carson, George Custer, Hugh Glass, and John Fremont to name but a few. … MORE
YTI Spotlight: Christina McKee
Christina McKee is a student in YTI’s Diploma in Ministry program taking classes at YTI’s Bellingham Center. A lifelong resident of Western Washington, she serves as part of New Life Church in Everett. Tell me a little about yourself – your childhood, your family, hobbies, etc.? I grew up in Everett, Wash., as the second … MORE
From the President
Dear Friends of Yellowstone!Thank you so much for getting 2016 off to a great start! Many of you have responded to our calls for support, and we are grateful. With your gifts, you are enabling YTI to fulfill its mission throughout the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest. We are able to keep student tuition low … MORE