Sarah Elston on soccer field

Coaching, painting, and adventure in the cool Montana air

Sarah Elston, Guest Contributor

August-September 2017 Inscribed

Montana SummerWhen I boarded the plane to Bozeman on June 2nd, I had no idea what to expect. I was out of my comfort zone and was thinking about how I wouldn’t be back home for two whole months.

But, of course, my summer in Montana was absolutely amazing once I got settled in.

About a week after I arrived, ten more girls came up from Texas. We were all so excited to be coaching the Yellowstone Soccer Experience. I helped coach the younger kids for the first couple of hours each morning and then switched over to the older group towards the end of the session. I loved scrimmaging with all of them and it was an experience I look forward to again next year.

My favorite day from the whole trip was two days before I left. My last Thursday started at work. We continued to clean and organize the new office downtown, making last minute arrangements so that YTI could officially move in on Monday the next week. However, the workday was not what made it my favorite.

After work, another YTI employee, Laura, and I went up to Grotto Falls. It was a beautiful, short hike and the weather was great. We picked huckleberries as we walked along the trail. I thought about saving some and taking them back to the house, but they were just so good I couldn’t stop eating them. Laura and I made our way down to the car and as we drove back into town all the windows were down. The cool Montana air was a whole lot more refreshing than back at my home in Texas.

Music was playing loudly as we pulled in front of Margaret’s house. She had invited us over for dinner with her daughters and their friends and Amy and her family. Not only were the pizzas she grilled amazing, but the atmosphere and conversation were as well. Talking about where we all were from and funny things we said differently was something we all enjoyed.

I loved getting to know everyone I was working with. It was a great way to end my summer experience in Bozeman, Montana.

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