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Community, backpacking, hard work…and unwinding with an Americano

Laura Peisker, Guest Contributor

August-September 2017 Inscribed

What were the highlights of your summer?

Montana SummerThe first highlight of this summer for me would be the weekend that YTI hosted the Klein Gilhousen Inaugural Lecture at the Museum of the Rockies. I loved hearing what Dr. Eric Priest had to say about the relationship between the sun’s plasma and its gravitational field (the mathematics nerd in me was geeking out during his whole presentation). It struck me that there are some things in life that are so fluid and unexplainable, and yet are still reliable and necessary—just like faith. I also loved getting to meet more people from the Bozeman community that weekend.

Another favorite experience from this summer that comes to mind would be the weekend I spent backpacking with my host mom, Kris. She and I both hiked up to the Hidden Lakes and camped for two nights right next to a gorgeous snow-melt lake in a cirque. It was so restful and rejuvenating, and we had a blast together. We even saw a wild female turkey and her chick (and thankfully, no bears)!

What is a lesson you learned this summer?

I think one of the biggest lessons from this summer was a personal one: I realized that with all of the new faculty, staff, and students joining YTI, I needed to step up and be even more responsible with the tasks assigned to me, so that I could make the transition easier for others. Others were depending on me to work hard and be on time, and they were already sacrificing time and energy for the team. I realized that by giving my best every day and hour, I could help them and honor everyone else’s hard work. There was a lot of physical labor in cleaning and painting the new space for YTI’s offices and classrooms, so it was just a good time to learn to work hard as a team!

What are some of your favorite spots in Bozeman?

Well, I honestly love driving through the hay and wheat fields, especially at sunset. The colors in Bozeman cover the entire color spectrum, and I just can’t get enough! I also love meandering around downtown, enjoying the unique clothing and art and people I pass. People don’t seem to be quite as concerned with looking all fancied-up here, so it is relieving to just be around practical Montanans for a summer and shed off some stress. I also loved cuddling an Americano in my hands at the various coffee shops in town, slowing down enough to journal and think through life. I’d had to stuff some of it down in busy Dallas, and definitely enjoyed the spaces that allowed me to just sit and be for a few hours.

I’m really grateful for the time I’ve had here in Bozeman again this summer, and am honored to have been able to help the office staff, who have such amazing hearts. I learned so much and have an even better understanding of what YTI is doing. I am eager to see how God leads and uses this school for his kingdom!

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