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Construction Moving Forward at The Yellowstone Center

By YTI Staff

June 2017 Inscribed

Things are moving forward with construction at The Yellowstone Center, YTI’s Bozeman campus. Infrastructure projects have been underway for some time, and work on campus facilities could begin by this fall.

“All the supporting infrastructure is built and in,” says Chris Budeski, civil engineer with Madison Engineering.

This includes the widening of 19th Avenue along the west side of the Center property, building Graf Street through the heart of the property, and extension of water and sewer mains.

The focus is now on finalizing plans in preparation for developing campus structures, amenities, and parking areas.

“The site has been designed,” says Budeski. “It’s actually been through review once with the city and they had some comments and we finished those up, and we’re in final site plan review and final review of the subdivision.”

Construction drawing in preparation for building is slated for the summer and early fall. “We anticipate that some portion of site work could start right around mid-September, that subcontractor bidding would occur this late fall/early winter, and that we would anticipate construction to begin in earnest in the spring of 2018,” says Loren Cantrell, senior project manager with Langlas and Associates.

The team working on The Yellowstone Center is focused on making sure everything is done just right.

“Instead of rushing everything and trying to get it done, people are taking the right time to make sure we have a good product,” notes Budeski.

There is great anticipation that the facilities will be ready by late 2018.

“I’m really looking forward to having Christmas in there in 2018,” says Budeski. “Christmas service—that would be so cool. And I think it’s doable. Very doable.”

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