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Building TYC: Greg Dennee (Locati Architects)

By YTI Staff

June 2017 Inscribed

This month, we highlight some of the key players in the building of The Yellowstone Center. We are thankful for the talented team of Bozeman-area professionals who are working together to make the Center a reality!

Greg DenneeGreg Dennee of Locati Architects in Bozeman is the lead architect working on The Yellowstone Center.

How did you get involved?

We have been involved since the earliest year of the project … about five years ago. We interviewed with Klein [Gilhousen], Karen [Gilhousen], and Jay [Smith], and were fortunate enough to be trusted with the project and help shape its built vision. I submitted an image of a stone, timber, and glass creation rising from the water, and that image has stayed alive in the imagination of all involved as to what this inspiring place will be, someday very soon.

What do you like about the project?

What’s not to like? Projects like this don’t come around every day for architects in Bozeman, Montana, so we jumped at the chance to be involved. The expectations for the project are high, and it allows our firm to stretch and grow to meet a new and rare challenge. What’s more, this project has a powerful message behind the built structure, and that always inspires me and our team of architects to work with purpose. We enjoy working with the YTI board and staff, and all of the consultants and the contributors to the project.

How will it impact Bozeman?

I suspect Bozeman will be amazed that this place exists, once it does. My hope is that the community feels welcome and inspired by YTI’s vision for faith, adventure, and the arts. With everything else racing ahead in the Bozeman community, a place like this that offers pause and allows us to come together on these ideas will be a welcome cultural addition!

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