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Bozeman Summer Session

Local Community Learning Initiative

The Garden or the Desert: A Christian Theology of the Environment

July 23–27, 2018   |   Bozeman, MT

Would God allow global climate change if it were really as bad as the scientists warn? Do Christians have a moral responsibility to defend the non-human or are human goods intrinsically more valuable than the non-human world? Environmental debates are raging in our country, and yet, Christian voices are hard to find. This is surprising considering the immense resources Christian moral reflection offers for thinking through these pressing questions. This course will examine theological resources from the Bible and tradition for articulating the relationship between humanity and the earth. Students will learn to apply biblical themes such as garden and desert, wilderness and promised land, mountain and sea, and theological topics such as the Imago Dei, sanctification, original sin, and creation to contemporary environmental debates. From Yellowstone and public lands to climate change and industrial meat production, how does Christian thought challenge us to reimagine our relationships to God’s creation? NOTE: This weeklong LCLI course is free and open to the public. It may also be taken for elective credit in YTI’s Master of Applied Theology program at regular tuition rates.

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Dr. Justin PritchettDr. Justin Pritchett did his Ph.D. in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen. His dissertation, Cultivating Wilderness: A Phenomenological Theology of Wilderness Spirituality and Environmental Ethics investigates how spiritual experience in the wilderness effects future practices of ethical behavior towards the non-human world. Justin is a certified fly-fishing guide and spends his free time wandering the wildernesses of Wyoming and Montana. He lives in Laramie, WY with his wife, son, three-legged cat, two dogs, ten chickens, and hundreds of plants.

2018 Bozeman Summer Session

This class is one of three courses being offered in YTI’s Bozeman Summer Session, along with Creation in the Bible and Theology [July 9-13] and World Religions and the Making of Meaning [July 16-20].


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