Farewells and Hellos

Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

August 2016 Inscribed

Kathryn Green
Kathryn Green
Matt Green
Matt Green
Un Hye Kim
Un Kim
Amy Figgins
Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge

It is never easy to say goodbye, so I won’t, but rather, farewell.

A beautiful farewell to Kathryn Green, our office administrator, and Matt Green, our communications and marketing director, who are moving to Arizona in August to pursue graduate studies. Matt will continue his association with YTI completing graphic design projects for us remotely, and Kathryn will continue to provide some administrative support, so we will stay in touch.

Additionally, our lovely assistant, Un Kim, is seeking her fortune in the Big Apple—New York City—as an editor in an established publishing house. Fortunately, Un will continue to edit our newsletter, Inscribed, so we can only wish her the best of luck!

We can’t say farewell though without saying “Hello!” to our new office administrator, Mrs. Amy Figgins. Amy is a longtime resident of the Gallatin Valley. She is married to Matt and they have two wonderful children, Brooklyn and Derik. Look for an interview with her in an upcoming issue!

In addition, Chris Hodge, our media and marketing assistant, will be assuming the role of marketing director in August. Chris is married to Miranda, who is a student at YTI.

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