Friends of Yellowstone Theological Institute

By YTI Staff

May-June 2018 Inscribed

In this issue of Inscribed, we meet YTI supporters Nathan and Dr. Sarah Ford. The Fords share why they believe their support of YTI is a good investment.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Nathan and Dr. Sarah FordWe live in a small town of around 6,000 in rural east Georgia, about 25 minutes south of Augusta. Sarah is the local veterinarian and Nathan is an IT Project Manager for the US Army. We have been blessed to be a part of a growing Christian school, Faith Christian Academy (K3-12), in our community and we both serve on the school board. Our daughter, Lauren, is a rising sophomore and our son, Benjamin, is a rising eighth-grader.

How did you find out about YTI?

We found out about YTI through Jay and Melissa Smith, who have been friends of Sarah’s family for over 25 years now. Oddly enough, we feel a strong tie to Bozeman and Yellowstone. Sarah worked in the park during college summers and we honeymooned there in 2000, venturing into Bozeman to hit the mall and the movies. Apart from our hometowns in Georgia and Virginia, it’s the area we love and identify with, and have had the opportunity to share with our kids on multiple trips. More importantly, though, we have developed hearts for Christian education.

What intrigues you most about its vision and educational aims?

We feel a kinship with YTI as we try to nurture and grow our school and see the institute working through similar challenges, often on a much larger scale. There is a dire need for Christian leaders in the world, and there is an immediate need for those that would educate, mentor, and develop tomorrow’s leaders. We are excited to see God working in our school and encouraged that YTI will provide more opportunities for graduates like ours to continue to pursue God.

What would you like to say to other potential supporters?

We are not all blessed with the same abilities. We cannot all be missionaries or evangelists, but in Matthew 28:20, part of the Great Commission is also to teach. We have a duty to support Christian education at all levels. Just as we support missions and other ministries, we should support the teaching and mentoring of future leaders and the training and preparation of those who will go tomorrow in our stead. We support YTI because we know it will be much more than a seminary. It will be a welcoming space and a beacon of light for many in the local community and thousands of miles beyond.

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