From the President

Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

December 2015 Inscribed

Dear Friends of Yellowstone!

Dr. Jay SmithHappy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas! As the holiday season is upon us, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Yellowstone Theological Institute. We have had a very successful first year in terms of class offerings, student enrollment interest, and evening lecture participation. We continue to build on this foundation as we look forward to starting our residential classes in 2017. 2015 was a year of beginnings, and we look forward to 2016 as a year of growth in terms of students, facilities, and financial support. We are especially encouraged about the progress we have made in the last four months in relation to the permitting process for our buildings in Bozeman. We should be starting our infrastructure building in March of 2016 and completing it in August 2016. As you can see, the progress YTI is making is astounding!

As we approach the end of 2015 and the staff begins to prepare for the holidays, my hope is that you will see how important it is that the Yellowstone Theological Student exists. We are the future of theological education, not only in this region, but also in our country. As much as the faculty and staff have invested in the success of YTI, you can help us as well. Get the word out in your churches and communities. Since YTI is a non-profit educational corporation, you can make an end of the year financial gift—every amount helps and it is all tax deductible. Simply make your donation payable to YTI, write “Annual Donation” in the memo line, and send it to PO Box 1347, Bozeman, Montana 59771.

Again, thank you for making 2015 a successful year for Yellowstone Theological Institute and for keeping us in your prayers this New Year.

Grace & Peace!
Dr. Jay Smith, President

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