From the President

Jay Smith, Guest Contributor

December 2016 Inscribed

Merry Christmas friends!

Dr. Jay Smith2016 has been a difficult, but rewarding year for the Yellowstone Theological Institute. In 2016, we continued teaching and growing our programs in Boise, ID and Bellingham, WA. We began development of our property in Bozeman, and as you will see in this issue, we have finished hiring our core faculty. Each has been carefully chosen for their understanding of our vision, his or her pursuit of academic excellence, unquenchable desire for theological inquiry, and his or her love of preparing people for ministry. Truly, they are a wonderful group of people. The difficult part of our year many of you already know: we lost our board chairman, Klein S. Gilhousen. Klein was a great man, and he shared our vision. He changed the way people in the Western world communicate—via the cell phone—and he wanted his lasting legacy not to be the cell phone necessarily, but rather the Yellowstone Theological Institute. His family foundation is the cornerstone of YTI financial support.

As YTI grows, let me encourage each of you to consider how you can support our mission: “To change the way the world understands God, and the way Christians embrace the mission of Jesus.” We need people willing to tell others about the incredible educational experience they can expect in the Rocky Mountains and the clear beauty of Montana. We need people to consider finding people to invest in this vision. I want to encourage each of you who receive Inscribed to consider a regular financial gift to YTI. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, your contributions are tax deductible. Can you afford $20, $50, or $100 per month and become a member of the Jim Bridger Society? Or maybe you would consider a large one-time gift, or even a naming gift? Become a partner to YTI; not simply a donor, but a partner in the ministry in which we are engaged. We are grateful for the incredible support of the Gilhousen family, but they want you to join in this adventure with them.

Will you give a gift to the students of the Yellowstone Theological Institute that will last a lifetime? Call our office at (406) 404-1600 and get more information about giving to YTI, or simply go to our website and click on the “Partner with Us” button, then scroll down the page to the “Donate Now” button. Join us in 2017 on this daring adventure, and visit us in December of 2018 as we dedicate our new campus!

Many Blessings to All of You!
Dr. Jay Smith, President

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