Dr. Scott Hamilton, Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling

Gifts of Christmas: Dr. Scott Hamilton

By YTI Staff

December 2016 Inscribed

I never dreamed God would put me in a position to help equip others to do ministry; God truly has a sense of humor. Being with like-minded people, empowering others to see ministry through a different and exciting lens is becoming one of the greatest blessings of my life. My current research reading is at the intersection of Christian spiritual and psychological clinical languages, working to understand better to what extent the vocabulary overlaps.

Dr. Scott Hamilton

Rebecca and I married almost 25 years ago. She has never wavered in her love for God and the care of our two daughters. My oldest is pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in nursing to compliment her business degree. The younger will graduate from college in the spring of 2017, equipped to teach early childhood through 6th grade. While I’m not a gym rat, I am an exercise enthusiast; I love to run, bike, and hike.

YTI’s vision is, “Changing how the world understands God and how Christians embody the mission of Jesus.” Helping students see life as an ever-expanding opportunity to participate in God’s handiwork fuels my teaching and kingdom presence. Being on the expanding edge of theological education in the 21st century is a phenomenal gift and opportunity.

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