Ms. Betsy Quammen, Lecturer in World Religions & Culture

Gifts of Christmas: Elizabeth Gaines Quammen

By YTI Staff

December 2016 Inscribed

Betsy is working on her Ph.D. on the nexus between religion and landscape use at Montana State University. She is due to defend her dissertation in 2017.

Ms. Betsy Quammen with horseShe founded and served as Executive Director of the Tributary Fund after visiting the Eg-Uur watershed and Dayan Derkh Monastery ruins in 2002 and falling in love with the religion, culture, landscapes, and people of Mongolia. The Tributary Fund worked to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats by celebrating and amplifying cultural traditions that honor nature in Mongolia, Bhutan, and the American West.

Betsy earned her MS in Environmental Studies at University of Montana. She lived in Kenya, working for the East African Wildlife Society and held positions at Montana State University’s Center for Native American Studies and Wallace Stegner Western Studies program. Today she is a lecturer in World Religions and Culture at YTI.

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