Dr. David Wilmington, Professor of Theology & Philosophy

Gifts of Christmas: Dr. David Wilmington

By YTI Staff

December 2016 Inscribed

My family (wife, Molly, and our kids, Luke and Anna Grace) and I are excited and honored to join YTI. I have discussed the vision and progress of the Institute with Jay and Bill for more than a year, and I cannot wait to arrive in Bozeman next summer as Professor of Theology and Philosophy.

David Wilmington and family

I am especially excited to have the opportunity to help shape the character and witness of this ambitious place via advocacy of rigorous, Spirit-led theological critical thinking, precise language, and gracious embodiment of the Gospel. Since 2010, I have taught Christian Scriptures, Christian Heritage, and Intellectual Traditions (philosophy, theology, and literature) of the Ancient and Medieval worlds for the Baylor Religion Department and Great Texts Program. I have also taught courses in theology, Christian history, and ethics at the Masters level for Truett Seminary and (online) for the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.

I write about virtues ethics, patristic and medieval philosophy and theology (Bonaventure, in particular), and postmodern philosophy. I also bring all of my interdisciplinary training and experience as a musician (saxophone), soccer player and coach, filmmaker, and jazz evangelist into my research, writing, and teaching—scary, I know.

I am a dangerously enthusiastic fan of Patrick O’Brian, Tolkien, Mexican food, good tea, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Thelonious Monk, mountain camping, Kieslowski films, and Liverpool Football Club.

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