How to Be the Church to the Unchurched

By YTI Staff

April 2016 Inscribed

In a world where we are all too familiar with awkward ‘canned’ evangelistic presentations, and where simply inviting people to church doesn’t cut it, how do we reach out with the love of Jesus? Dr. Bill Fowler explained the key to such outreach is in his latest presentation during the Winter Session in Bellingham, Boise, and Bozeman: developing a mindset that makes redemptive living simple and natural. Along the way, he offered practical suggestions for making a difference in our relationships with unchurched people.

When simply inviting people to church is not enough, how do we effectively engage people in our world with the love of Jesus?

Paul gives us a powerful image in 2 Corinthians 4: a treasure (Jesus) in jars of clay (us), so that the life of Jesus might be manifest in our mortal flesh. We can learn to live in a vital, personal relationship with Jesus to the point that he has freedom to express his love through our lives. It isn’t easy, but the plan is simple: offer up the clay pot of your life to him daily so that he can fill you with himself and pour himself out into the lives of thirsty, hurting, discouraged, and longing people in the traffic patterns of life.

Practically speaking, we can pray for and with people about their felt needs, live genuinely and generously, build relationships without hidden motives and agendas, be available and stick with people over the long haul, display a spirit of joy, and engage people in conversations about life instead of religion. If we do, Jesus will show up in us as well as do amazing things through us!

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