Jim Bridger

Jim Bridger Society Members Are Pioneers in Theological Education

By YTI Staff

February 2016 Inscribed

Jim Bridger was one of the foremost of the “mountain men” in the 19th century. Though born in Virginia, he made his fame trapping and guiding in the Rocky Mountains from southern Colorado to Canada between 1820 and 1850. He knew Kit Carson, George Custer, Hugh Glass, and John Fremont to name but a few. The Bridger Mountain range, just north of Bozeman, Montana, is named after this “King of the Mountain Men.”

Jim Bridger SocietyLike Jim Bridger, the supporters of Yellowstone Theological Institute are pioneers in the field of theological education—a difficult journey in its own right! The Jim Bridger Society is made up of our most dedicated supporters and, together with the faculty and staff of YTI, is changing how the world understands who God is, and how followers of Christ embody the church.

The faculty and staff invite you to become a part of the Jim Bridger Society (JBS) and the family that is YTI. Our JBS members give a minimum of $1,000 a year to Yellowstone Theological Institute in support of our mission and programs. That’s about $84 per month. JBS members receive a member’s packet upon registration and receipt of their initial pledge. We will send you a special bonus packet at the end of the year and keep you updated throughout the year as to the progress of YTI. We look forward to partnering with you throughout the year to see YTI move forward!

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