LCLI Brings Convenient Evening Training to Local Churches

By YTI Staff

August 2015 Inscribed

YTI is excited to announce the launch of the Local Church Learning Initiative (LCLI). The LCLI is designed to make training in focused areas accessible to those who may not have a lot of time to devote to studies and who do not need to pursue a formal degree program.

LCLILCLI courses are a total of 8 hours in length, which is typically spread over 4 consecutive evenings in 2-hour sessions; e.g., you may attend class from 6 PM to 8 PM, Monday through Thursday.

There are no tests or papers to worry about in LCLI courses – just in-person courses with passionate, qualified teachers and engaged follow classmates.

Each LCLI course costs $200 – the best part is that covers everything, including the lectures and any books needed for class!

The first LCLI classes, taught by YTI president Jay Smith, will be offered in Boise August 3-6, Bellingham August 10-13, and Bozeman September 14-17 on the topic ‘Interpreting the Bible.’

Course Topics include:

■ Jesus for a New Generation
■ Being the Missional Church
■ Life & Teachings of Paul
■ Persian Prophets: Daniel & Ezekiel
■ Apocalypse and the End
■ Leading a Sports Camp
■ The Basics of Listening
■ God Talk: What is Salvation, Really?
■ Something Old, Something New: Ministry to Youth and Seniors!
■ Understanding Addiction and Abuse
■ Interpreting the Bible
■ Dealing with Death…
■ Basics of Leadership for Deacons, Elders, and Other Volunteers

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