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By YTI Staff

August 2015 Inscribed

Following the ‘peripatetic’ model of Jesus, Paul, and ancient Greek philosophers, YTI is committed to ‘face-to-face’ instruction in different locations alongside an online presence. This hybrid form of instruction, coupled with a commitment to the different geographic regions, is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary student and 21st century church. Courses are designed with practical applications of theological, spiritual, and biblical development in mind. From start to finish, the YTI student will be involved in a unique and life changing educational process, equipped to minister critically and wisely to the next generation.

Small class sizes help facilitate a strong flow of information, dialogue, and critical thinking in which the students and professors are comfortable enough to share their thoughts, and with classes taught on a 6-week quarter system (with one week of intensives and five weeks of follow-up), every student has the chance for both face-to-face contact with the professor as well as personalized online learning experiences for each student as they finish course work. This particular model is an extension of the model first put into place at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary and expanded upon at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.

YTI’s Master of Arts degree is a 2 1/2 year program of 40 hours (20 classes), and functions as the cornerstone of education for vocational ministry work (see concentrations at right).

YTI also offers two additional programs catering to the different educational needs and busy schedules of potential students. The Certificate program is a short 3-class program in the field providing students with added expertise in a specific area of ministry, and the Diploma of Ministry program engages students in basic ministry training with courses that also fit within the Master of Arts degree program.

Our goal is to meet students where they are and to provide them with the education and guidance relevant to the needs of their communities. This is particularly true for Masters of Arts degree-seeking students, who will be assigned a local area mentor pastor and a YTI faculty mentor. These students will progress with their studies and their ministry with guidance and contact with both mentors as they work within their community for applicable and relevant hands-on experience.

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