Building TYC: Kietra Nelson (Classic Ink)

By YTI Staff

June 2017 Inscribed

This month, we highlight some of the key players in the building of The Yellowstone Center. We are thankful for the talented team of Bozeman-area professionals who are working together to make the Center a reality!

Kietra NelsonKietra Nelson is the founder and principal of Bozeman marketing agency Classic Ink, which is working with The Yellowstone Center on marketing strategies.

How did you get involved?

A sign on 19th initially piqued my interest about YTI, followed by a combination of other influences—a valued client, a friend designing the gardens, and then my own personal spiritual journey. Through a few close Bozeman connections I was able to contact Jay [Smith] directly and essentially I ‘cold called’ him, not knowing if YTI was in the need of our services. But regardless of whether they did or didn’t, I felt compelled to understand more and to see where we might fit. It just so worked out that the time was right, and that we could assist with some of the foundational work and be part of this team. I felt part of that team right away.

What do you like about the project?

I love what we do! We have the opportunity to work with and make a difference with many different organizations and businesses. YTI not only piqued my own personal curiosity with the [spiritual] material, but on a professional level, the idea of being able to make a difference and become involved with an organization during its infancy or beginning stages is exciting – foundation building! AND THE PEOPLE at YTI! You know you have a special client when there are dynamic people to work with, who love what they do and when the material itself is in alignment with your values. It’s a VERY unique project; there simply isn’t anything like it that currently exists. It’s very rewarding to be able to help define YTI and assist them in their next steps moving forward. I also love a great challenge and this project will challenge me personally—it already is.

How will it impact Bozeman?

I believe YTI will put Bozeman on the map in a unique and interesting way. There are many organizations that work hard at becoming a ‘destination’, but I believe because nothing exists exactly like this—YTI’s overall strategic plan, the buildings, the gardens, the commitment to the community, and the people involved—YTI will actually become one. I also believe that YTI will build a ‘pride in ownership’ feeling for many Bozeman residents, especially for those who are on a spiritual journey. It will dovetail into the Bozeman community beautifully and organically without having to force itself. If anyone else gets the experience I’ve had, they’re not going to have to try too hard to get the community involved. I just think that by the nature of how it’s being planned, it’s just going to resonate. It’s going to be this special place that people are going to be proud of.

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