Reflection: A New Definition of Holiness

By YTI Staff

October 2016 Inscribed

YTI is dedicated to strengthening the bond between ministry, faith, and every-day life. We know that just as much as there are big miracles in the world that can reaffirm our faith and represent God’s work and plan, there are also signs of God’s presence in the smaller, every-day moments to our lives. They are present in everything, from the books we read and the movies we watch with family and friends, to the meetings we attend for work and the scenery we see around us … if only we choose to find them.

Each edition of Inscribed going forward will feature a new reflection shared by a member of the YTI family, highlighting a revelation or reflection regarding a touch of faith in the everyday lives we lead. Our first Reflection is from Dr. Bill Fowler.

Creating Incarnational Community coveI have been reading Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community. There are so many things to recommend about this book, but I was really moved by Halter’s suggestion of a new definition for holiness; “being like Jesus with those Jesus would have been with.” Holiness is not, cannot be, merely an attempt to avoid sin. Holiness is not the absence of anything. It is the presence of the life that is Jesus! Jesus is the embodiment of holiness. I exhibit holiness only to the degree that my life exhibits the character and nature of Jesus, his life in and through mine. And the place where holiness seems to show up best is when I am present in the world in the places and with the people in which Jesus would delight.

Dr. Bill Fowler (Ph.D., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) is Provost and Professor of Biblical and Ministerial Studies at Yellowstone Theological Institute.

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