New Diploma of Divinity Program Provides Solid Foundations

By YTI Staff

June 2016 Inscribed

YTI is excited to announce a new academic program, the Diploma of Divinity.

The program was developed in response to needs pinpointed by church leaders.

“The Diploma of Divinity was born out of conversations with local church leaders who expressed a desire for rigorous training for church leaders who might not have received a bachelor’s degree or have the need to enroll in a master’s program,” says YTI President Dr. Jay Smith.

“Several students with high levels of calling and commitment to the Kingdom of God, but without the experience of an undergraduate degree, began to show interest [in YTI programs],” says YTI Provost Dr. Bill Fowler. He further observes, “Gifted church leaders, actively involved in disciple making and church planting, expressed a desire for additional training in biblical and theological studies, but not to the extent that the Master of Arts degree required.”

The Diploma curriculum consists of nine key courses from YTI’s Master of Arts core. These include biblical studies courses covering essential Old Testament and New Testament knowledge as well as principles of biblical interpretation. Foundational courses in theology are also part of the curriculum. In addition, students choose between Basic Church Care and Apologetics. All Diploma students are required to complete mentored ministry, gaining practical experience under the guidance of experienced ministry leaders.

Diploma students will share the classroom experience with master’s students. Like for all other YTI peripatetic classes, each course will begin with a week-long intensive session, consisting of 12 to 15 hours of instruction over four or five days. However, follow-up assignments in the weeks following the intensive will differ for Diploma students in keeping with the purposes of the program.

Classes are offered regularly in Bozeman, Mont.; Bellingham, Wash.; and Boise, Idaho. Each class taken for Diploma credit will cost $200 for the entire course.

“Tuition costs for both [Diploma and M.A.] programs reflect YTI’s commitment to provide quality theological training as inexpensively as possible,” says Dr. Fowler.

Just like master’s-level students, Diploma students will receive innovative education that will challenge their thinking and equip them for ministry in today’s world.

“Designed to provide a solid comprehension of the biblical revelation and to lay a broad foundation for theological understanding, the Diploma of Divinity challenges the student to become biblically aware and theologically astute,” Dr. Fowler states. “Students are encouraged to develop both critical and creative thought processes as they lead others to engage with God and His Word, and to live on mission with Him in a broken world.”

“Students can expect faithful, meaningful, critical, and creative approaches to biblical and theological studies,” says Dr. Smith. “They can expect to use classic, important texts that will serve them over their ministry careers.”

Enrollment in the Diploma of Divinity program will begin in August 2016.

To learn more about the Diploma program and to apply for admission, visit or call (406) 404-1600.

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