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New MDiv track would focus on Arts & Adventure

Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

February-March 2018 Inscribed

As YTI moves forward, it is fine tuning and adjusting its curriculum. The faculty are in the process of proposing to change the World Religions and Culture track in the Master of Divinity curriculum to an Arts and Adventure track. In this proposal, the world religions and culture materials will be modified and absorbed into the Faith and Life track. In the process, room is made for a new Arts and Adventure track.

The arts portion of the new track will explore the nature of the imagination in detail, as well as how theology relates to literature, music, painting, dance, and other artistic expression of the person. It will not only involve the study of these relations but also the actual engagement in production of art, as well as instruction on how to organize communities of ‘faithful’ artists.

The adventure portion of the track involves discovering a theology of adventure and how it relates to the Christian doctrines of creation, anthropology, Christology, pneumatology, and eschatology. Each student will be aided in construing his or her own Christian theology of the environment, conservation, and recreation. Additionally, it will take the student into different environments—natural and man-made—in order to construct and practice an environmentally-aware theology of adventure.

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