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Our diverse and brilliant faculty give unique richness to the theological studies, programs, and lectures at Yellowstone Theological Institute, and we are proud to highlight this work on Yellowstone Theological Institute’s blog.

A Christian organization should hold the word of God as truth, but human interpretation of it as dynamic, open to amplified understanding, and informed by a living history and analysis of experience. And a worthy institution of higher education must recognize and value diverse voice. The YTI blog features a rotating field of contributors from varied academic and theological disciplines. Here, our faculty shares their research and writings with unique points of view.

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    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    Crisis! There she was, just waddling down the street – the neighbor’s Jersey milk cow. I had started down the road on my morning run when I encountered a cow walking toward me in the middle of the road. Picture Elsie, the Bordon milk representative, but add a tongue rolling out of her mouth and … MORE

    Woman looking at reflection in bus window

    Where is God?

    Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

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    I have the great privilege of speaking to hundreds of young men and women at some of the best colleges and universities across the United States. Many of them are anxious to serve God in some capacity in life after college. On the other hand, many more are wondering “where is God?” Indeed, when given … MORE

    Empty seats in church

    3 Surprising Reasons People Don’t Go to Church

    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    I recently came across a shared article on Facebook suggesting that local churches needed to increase their guest lists. According to the article, church members needed to invite unchurched people to church. On the surface, such a thought sounds almost nonsensical. Of course, people need to invite people to church. On the other hand, what … MORE

    Man sitting on rock wall

    All Fuzzy Bunnies, Colorful Eggs, a Fancy Lunch; Oh, and a Church Service…

    Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

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    Is this what we settle for? Easter… When we really think about Easter in contemporary America, what are we really celebrating? Christians know that we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus; or at least so we think. In an increasingly secular America, Easter has returned to its Saxon and Germanic roots: Eostre, or Ostara. Ostara … MORE

    Basketball referee

    Officiating the Officiating: Hold the Comments…

    Bill Fowler, YTI Church Relations, Professor of Biblical Studies

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    Just Trying to Be Helpful Basketball is my game and I enjoy watching it at every level. My colleague, David, was going to be watching his (eighth-grade) son’s last game of the season (starting point guard for the varsity team) and I went to cheer Luke on. Throughout the game I felt it necessary to … MORE

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