What If? A Qualcomm Ethos Turned Toward Theological Education

By YTI Staff

October 2015 Inscribed

YTI and its board are inspired by the Fortune 100 Company and San Diego technology giant Qualcomm and its commitment to the “What If?” question.

Klein Gilhousen, one of the co-founders and benefactors of Yellowstone Theological Institute, is also a co-founder of Qualcomm. Through Klein, the ethos of Qualcomm has become integral to the ethos of Yellowstone Theological Institute and The Yellowstone Center for Faith, Adventure, and the Arts.

What if a conversation could occur between faith, the arts, and science that contributed to the wellbeing of the great community? What if this conversation could take place in a space that benefited the community at large, with the only agenda being to benefit that community? What if The Yellowstone Center hosted a productive interfaith dialog on a regular basis? What if the arts were brought into this dialog in a meaningful fashion?

Qualcomm oversees a paradigm shift in technology in our world today. In a similar fashion, YTI is involved in the paradigm shift in theological education and ministry in our world today. Both are asking the “What if?” question; both are seeking to make our world a better place.

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