Student Voices: Rob McCormack

By YTI Staff

May-June 2018 Inscribed

Rob McCormack serves with Gallatin County Love INC in Bozeman and is a member of YTI’s inaugural Master of Divinity class.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you chose to obtain an M.Div.

I am in full-time ministry, and I currently work as the Relational Ministry Director at Gallatin County Love in the Name of Christ (also known as Love INC). In that role, I serve the many different ministries to determine how to best serve and help our neighbors in need. The more I learn about God, the more I’m hungry to learn. In order to be the best at my vocation and to continue my journey and my relationship with Christ, obtaining my M.Div. was a wonderful fit.

Rob McCormack with fellow Master of Divinity students

Rob McCormack (right) sits with fellow master of divinity students at YTI’s Convocation ceremony last fall.

How did you find out about YTI?

I attend ministerial meetings with a number of other pastors. Dr. Bill Fowler has been attending those meetings and talking about YTI. He connected me with some of the other staff and professors.

Why did you choose Yellowstone Theological Institute?

In ministering, it’s important to understand multiple viewpoints and to use multiple lenses to get perspective. Professor Lance Green talks about the mall culture—kids growing up in the mall and how to reach them, thinking about their culture and reaching them from their perspective. That’s an example of a discussion that we’ve had that got me very excited—it’s a broader-based, differing viewpoint.

What’s it like being part of the inaugural M.Div. class?

It’s extremely challenging and extremely exciting. I didn’t have any idea what it would be like. I have found myself being pushed—it’s been very fast-paced and challenging. The amount of information is exceptional; it’s interconnected and always building on itself.

What do you enjoy most about YTI?

The professors are pretty phenomenal. I enjoy them and all of the information they are helping me obtain. Their use of different media and differing authors’ viewpoints and perspectives is bringing everything alive in a way that I hadn’t considered before and I am able to obtain a much deeper understanding. Even if I have tightly held beliefs, I’m still looking at what’s being shared from different angles and I’m able to push back, have a dialogue, and share how I see it.

Describe what “where faith meets adventure and the arts” means to you.

For me, it’s how we are being taught and looking at different mediums through our coursework—movies, musicals, storytelling narratives. As we look at all of the different types of mediums and aspects of our culture, we recognize biblical themes. That’s an adventure in itself. When we go out into life, we can evaluate it differently.

What do you plan on doing once you’ve graduated?

I found myself called to serve through the LOVE INC ministry. My intent is to be the best that I can in my role as Relational Ministry Director and to follow God’s call and to continue to serve.

What stands out most to you about YTI’s location?

I’m an avid kayaker; I play soccer and have other outdoor pursuits. To be able to share this space…the mountains and our surroundings sing God’s praises. It’s an incredible backdrop. You don’t realize how magnificent until you are here.

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