Where is God?

Jay Smith, President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics
April 13, 2018

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I have the great privilege of speaking to hundreds of young men and women at some of the best colleges and universities across the United States. Many of them are anxious to serve God in some capacity in life after college. On the other hand, many more are wondering “where is God?” Indeed, when given … MORE

3 Surprising Reasons People Don’t Go to Church

Scott Hamilton, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
April 6, 2018

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I recently came across a shared article on Facebook suggesting that local churches needed to increase their guest lists. According to the article, church members needed to invite unchurched people to church. On the surface, such a thought sounds almost nonsensical. Of course, people need to invite people to church. On the other hand, what … MORE

All Fuzzy Bunnies, Colorful Eggs, a Fancy Lunch; Oh, and a Church Service…

Jay Smith, President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics
March 30, 2018

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Is this what we settle for? Easter… When we really think about Easter in contemporary America, what are we really celebrating? Christians know that we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus; or at least so we think. In an increasingly secular America, Easter has returned to its Saxon and Germanic roots: Eostre, or Ostara. Ostara … MORE

Giving “Thanks” at Thanksgiving

David Wilmington, Professor of Theology and Philosophy
November 22, 2017

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Giving Thanks? A recent article in the satirical online Babylon Bee described a touching and inspiring story of a fictional atheist giving “thanks” at Thanksgiving. A reporter informs us that a Cincinnati atheist is “preparing his heart to humbly show gratitude to the cold, mechanical processes that randomly led to mankind’s existence and his own … MORE

All Creation Groans: Darwin, Christianity and the Environmental Revolution

Jay Smith, President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics
October 24, 2017

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Darwin When the name “Charles Darwin” is mentioned in the company of 21st century Christians, one will get a mixed group of responses, from the “prophetic voice of religion,” to “the destroyer of the faith.” In reality, Darwin was a gentleman naturalist. Coming from a wealthy family, Darwin briefly attended medical school, but after losing … MORE

God in the Mundane

Lance Green, Lecturer in Theology and Adventure
October 5, 2017

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Christian theology has long affirmed that all of creation speaks to the divine. God permeates through everything, from the immense horizon seen atop a mountain, to the atomic compounds that together form the peak. Big or small, nothing can be spoken of without reference to God. In his grand work De Trinitate (On the Trinity), St. Augustine … MORE

Repent FOR the Kingdom…

Bill Fowler, Church Relations, Professor of Biblical Studies
July 13, 2017

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God’s Available Kingdom Is Good News… John the Baptist: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” Matthew 3:2 Jesus: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” Matthew 4:17 The Gospel according to Matthew will not let us miss the core message of John the Baptist who prepared the way, and Jesus … MORE

President’s Travelogue: Edinburgh

Jay Smith, President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics
February 27, 2017

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Cultural Stew The first day of my trip to Scotland and England was unremarkable in many ways – four different airports, not much sleep, airplane food, and followed by an early, rainy arrival in Edinburgh. But it was also remarkable in a few ways. I had an encounter with a young business woman from Edinburgh, … MORE

Are We Missing Jesus in Our Radical Christianity?

Bill Fowler, Church Relations, Professor of Biblical Studies
April 25, 2016

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Christianity: Meant to be radicalI believe in a radical commitment to Jesus. Something about “if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me,” sounds profoundly radical, particularly in the first century when crosses were the occasions of horrible deaths rather than ornaments at the end … MORE