2017 Fall Session

bellingham fall 2017 SESSION

Thinking Theologically

November 6-November 10, 2017   |   9:00am-12:00pm   |   Christ the King Church

Many Christians today have learned to think "biblically" but don't understand how to think "theologically," or even why such thinking is important. THEO 201 explains the why and how of thinking theologically, in addition to covering the basic teachings of the Christian faith.


New Testament: From Acts to Revelation

November 6-November 9, 2017   |   1:00pm-5:00pm   |   Christ the King Church

The New Testament continues and consummates the drama begun in the old Testament. In particular, it focuses on the early church's understanding of Jesus, how to be the "body of Christ," and the consummation of time in the Book of Revelation. Application is made to the church today.


Theology of the Cross

November 6-November 9, 2017   |   6:30pm-8:30pm   |   Christ the King Church

‘Orthodox’ Christian faith revolves around, and is, to some extent, defined by the event of “the cross.” The death of Jesus at the hands of the Romans and Jews is a paradox, an enigma and the event that defines all other human events. The event itself is often seen as the center of a series of events that define the whole of Christian theology. A theology of the cross is important for every Christian.