bellingham summer 2017 SESSION

Apologetics: Living Christ in a Pluralist World

August 14-August 18, 2017   |   9:00am-12:00pm   |   Christ the King Church

What does it mean to live and promote the ‘good news’ of Jesus in a pluralist world? This course covers the practice of following and witnessing to Christ in a world of competing religions and worldviews. The course gives an overview of select world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism), secularism, scientism and consumerism, with a selection of Christian engagements.


Basic Church Care: Counsel and Conflict

August 14-August 17, 2017   |   1:00pm-5:00pm   |   Christ the King Church

MIN 200 covers basic approaches to pastoral care, as well as limited approaches to counseling and an approach to identifying and dealing with church conflict. The student will learn to appreciate the function of pastoral care as an aspect of leadership in the local church.


New Testament: The Gospels/Christ

August 14-August 17, 2017   |   6:00pm-10:00pm   |   Christ the King Church

The New Testament continues and consummates the drama begun in the Old Testament. In particular, it focuses on Jesus of Nazareth as the solution to the cosmic problem originating in Genesis 3. This course focuses on the person, work, and teaching of Jesus provided for us in the four Gospels.