2018 Winter Classes

bozeman winter 2018 SESSION

Apologetics: Living Christ in a Pluralist World

January 29-February 2, 2018   |   9:00am-12:00pm   |   Grand Avenue Christian Church

What does it mean to live and promote the ‘good news’ of Jesus in a pluralist world? This course covers the practice of following and witnessing to Christ in a world of competing religions and worldviews. The course gives an overview of select world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism), secularism, scientism and consumerism, with a selection of Christian engagements.


New Testament: From Acts to Revelation

January 29-February 1, 2018   |   1:00pm-5:00pm   |   Grand Avenue Christian Church

The New Testament continues and consummates the drama begun in the Old Testament. In particular, it focuses on the early church’s understanding of Jesus, how to be the ‘body of Christ’, and the consummation of time in the Book of Revelation. Application is made to the church today.