YTI Master of Divinity students in a classroom

What Our Students Are Saying

By YTI Staff

July-August 2018 Inscribed

Master of Divinity students share about their experiences as part of the YTI community. For more about YTI’s M.Div. program, visit

“The professors are pretty phenomenal. I enjoy them and all of the information they are helping me obtain. Their use of different media and differing authors’ viewpoints and perspectives is bringing everything alive in a way that I hadn’t considered before and I am able to obtain a much deeper understanding. Even if I have tightly held beliefs, I’m still looking at what’s being shared from different angles and I’m able to push back, have a dialogue and to share how I see it.”


“The professors really care about us, the students; and they definitely care about what they are talking about. I enjoy the graduate level of studies – it’s more serious, but there is also more understanding by the professors that you have a job, a family, and life outside of the school. The YTI community is developing naturally as we grow together.”


“YTI is not a degree machine. The primary goal isn’t to meet certain check marks. It’s about coming together, living together, being together, and ministering together. At YTI, you get a more in-depth experience with the professors. They get to know who you are, not just the seat you sit in.”


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