Wonderment and the World

Wonderment and the World

Dr. Betsy QuammenJoin Dr. Betsy Gaines Quammen, Professor of World Religions and Culture, for this fall series of stand-alone seminars addressing how Western culture, religion, and science explain our living planet. Sessions will be held 6:00 to 7:30 on Wednesday evenings from September 20 through November 15 at Grand Avenue Christian Church in Downtown Bozeman.


September 13  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Genesis: Creation, Dominion, and Human Responsibility
With Dr. Jay Smith, YTI President

September 20  |  6:00-7:30PM 

St. Francis, The Man Who Prayed to Birds

September 27  |  6:00-7:30PM 

St. Francis Part 2: Brother Sun, Sister Moon

October 4  |  6:00-7:30PM 

The Advent of Science: Galileo and Copernicus Breaking Ranks with the Church

October 11  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Field Notes from England: Gilbert White, the Naturalist Pastor Who Looked for Swallows Underwater

October 18  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Charles Darwin: The Scientist Who Dared to Say That Humans Are Apes

October 25  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Johnny Appleseed and the Blossoming of the American Garden

November 1  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Wendell Berry and the Ethics of Food

November 8  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Statistics and Stories: How to Talk to the Public About Extinction, Climate and Other Hard Truths

November 15  |  6:00-7:30PM 

Loving our World: Rituals and Restoration in Cultures around the World