Full Scholarships for 2017-2018 M.Div. Students

YTI Announces Full Scholarships for 2017-2018 M.Div. Students

By YTI Staff

April 2017 Inscribed

Students accepted into YTI’s inaugural Master of Divinity class this fall have the opportunity to receive a full tuition scholarship!

The first 60 students accepted into the M.Div. program receive either 100{d36ae60ec49e248e7f23257534b7f6b4f5351a350ac718918d21e4d762163afb}, 50{d36ae60ec49e248e7f23257534b7f6b4f5351a350ac718918d21e4d762163afb}, or 12{d36ae60ec49e248e7f23257534b7f6b4f5351a350ac718918d21e4d762163afb} tuition covered based on academic achievement and financial need. Every student accepted to the M.Div. degree program is considered for scholarship assistance based on GPA, recommendations, and continued academic achievement, and the awards will be reviewed annually to assess student progress. However, scholarships will only be awarded to the first 60 students accepted.

Each scholarship covers the cost of tuition only—annual fees, housing, and other expenses are not covered by the scholarship.

Whether awarded a scholarship or not, YTI assists each student with paying for their education in a number of ways. YTI will direct students seeking employment, as well as set up “GoFundMe” accounts for all students to assist in funding any expenses necessary for their education experience.

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