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YTI Spotlight: Christina McKee

By YTI Staff

February 2016 Inscribed

Christina McKee is a student in YTI’s Diploma in Ministry program taking classes at YTI’s Bellingham Center. A lifelong resident of Western Washington, she serves as part of New Life Church in Everett.

Tell me a little about yourself – your childhood, your family, hobbies, etc.?

Christina McKeeI grew up in Everett, Wash., as the second youngest child in a family of five children. I had three older brothers and a little sister. We grew up going to the non-denominational church I now attend. I started school a year early and was part of the challenge/gifted program. I did seven years of ballet as a child, and, in high school, I was on the swim team and a cheerleader. Our family spent our summers camping at Thousand Trails. My dad had rentals he owned and managed, which I helped with and which prompted me to start my own business owning and managing properties. I also got involved with personal training and focusing on health and fitness after discovering my own battle against Crohn’s disease. Through my knowledge of fitness, I’ve been able to help many others with similar conditions. I also now serve at my church with our Connect Center and am the Baptism Leader of our High School Ministry group, which I love tremendously.

What is it about YTI and its vision that appeals to you?

YTI has been such a huge blessing so far. The entire staff cares so deeply about their students, and makes me feel like a sister in Christ, instead of just another student. I appreciate how YTI wants to truly make a difference in this world and is helping students to become educated, effective disciples.

How has your experience with YTI affected your life thus far? What do you envision the long-term influences of your Diploma will be on goals, worldview, etc.?

I feel that my classes, so far, have helped bring new perspective to several things that have happened in my life. I am excited about the classes I am taking, the people I’ve met, and the things I am learning in them. YTI has inspired a new passion within me, and the students and friends whom I serve with have noticed the impact it’s making to my life. I am able to speak to my students and friends with more clarified and objective reasoning, and with more effective approaches. Though I often say I’m not sure exactly where in life my studies will take me, it is abundantly clear to me that God has a great adventure planned for me through my experience at YTI, and I’m so excited and thankful to get to live this adventure!

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