YTI Spotlight: Kathryn Green

By YTI Staff

September-October 2018 Inscribed

Kathryn Green serves as enrollment counselor for Yellowstone Theological Institute, and is also active managing YTI’s social media. A Bozeman native, Kathryn is married to Matt (who works with YTI’s media and marketing).

Kathryn Green with tree in background
Tell us a little bit about yourself—background, family, hobbies, etc.

I was born and raised in Montana. My dad was a crop duster, so I spent many summers working for him as the ground crew. The job was sometimes busy, sometimes slow, but it kept me outdoors all summer and took me to many out-of-the-way places in southwest Montana. I developed an affinity for lonely places; and there are a lot of them in Montana! Perhaps it was this affinity that took me to Siberia and later Mongolia—places that bear some resemblance to Montana, but have unique characteristics that I loved. I have been married to my wonderful husband Matt for seven years—he’s the reason I returned to the states from living overseas! I’ve been through a lot of hobbies, but the one that remains constant is hiking. No matter where I am, I love to hike and get to know the areas away from town.

Describe your responsibilities with YTI.

I have two main roles for YTI. First, I am an enrollment counselor, which means I am the first contact for potential students and community members seeking to learn about us. I help applicants navigate the application process and, because YTI is small, I also do a lot of student care after admissions is complete. My second job is social media coordination. I work with the communications department to prepare and post news and information about YTI across all of our media platforms.

What do you appreciate about YTI’s vision?

YTI’s founders saw a need in Montana and the northwest to bring practical theological education to individuals in local ministries in an affordable way. They recognized the urgency to meet educational needs here so that those in ministry don’t have to move somewhere else for education and then (hopefully) come back. They also understood the deep need to make ministry education practical to prepare students for real, everyday service in the body of Christ. I deeply appreciate being a small part of making that dream into reality.

With so many seminary choices available, why should a potential student consider Yellowstone Theological Institute?

Have I mentioned location!? If you work in ministry in Montana, any of our near neighboring states, or in the northwest, you don’t have to go to Denver or Seattle or somewhere even further afield to receive theological training; you can stay in close proximity to your home, your church, your ministry, and your family! YTI also offers a broad spectrum of programs to meet the needs and educational goals of all sorts of individuals working in ministry—whether it’s a local church, a para-church organization, a non-profit service organization, or something else entirely—YTI wants to help prepare you to minister effectively in your context.

As a Bozeman native, what do you appreciate about Montana and the greater Yellowstone area?

It almost seems a little trite to say that I appreciate the outdoors and outdoor activities—that might be what you’re expecting to hear! But I grew up spending so much time out-of-doors, away from towns and in the mountains—hunting, four-wheeling, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking—that I experience a real sense of peace and belonging outdoors. My favorite sound is the wind in the trees and you can’t hear that when you’re in a city or a town, at least not in the same wild and lonely way. While I find meaningful communion with God in many places and contexts, there is something special about communing with him in nature when few others are around.

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