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YTI Spotlight: Margaret Stewart

By YTI Staff

April 2016 Inscribed

Margaret is the Superintendent of Community Operations for The Yellowstone Center (TYC). She enjoys getting outside, gardening, skiing, cooking/baking, and spending time with her two daughters.

Tell us a little about yourself – childhood, family, hobbies, etc.

Margaret StewartI grew up in Tallahassee Florida. As the middle of five children, I found myself to be very comfortable with people, but also drawn to getting time to myself. I did this through an avid love of reading and painting/drawing. My parents instilled a very strong sense of commitment, family, ethics, and love in all of their children. As my life progressed, I turned my love of art into landscaping, cooking/baking, and knitting. On a road trip some 25 years ago, I stumbled upon Bozeman; it felt like home. I really loved the people and soon discovered skiing, which became a huge, lifelong passion. The mountains and rivers are truly where I feel at peace.

What do you envision for the grounds and impact of The Yellowstone Center in Bozeman?

My hope is to create a feeling of being one with the earth and one with each other. Trails will weave through the property for walking, skiing, or just sitting down and taking in the surroundings. The grounds will include organic gardens, a greenhouse for growing vegetables in the winter, and an apiary. With the food grown in our gardens, we will offer nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch in our on-site café. We will have art studios for the community to come and express their creativity, and host art shows as well.

The Center will be hosting community events for everyone, from music gatherings to poetry readings, food festivals to pet day. There will be areas for soccer, basketball, tennis, kite flying, Frisbee, and much more. I really am excited to be able to help provide our incredible Bozeman community with a creative, aesthetic, fun place to discover, learn, and play.

What is it about YTI/TYC and its vision that appeals to you?

What appeals to me is sharing the idea of loving one another and the earth, through appreciating and learning how to be a better person in our daily lives. Including any and all in this beautiful journey and helping people to realize their true value is very exciting to me.

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