Dr. Bill Fowler

Professor Emeritus

Bill’s Story

Dr. Bill Fowler hiking in San Antonio Spurs gearDr. Bill Fowler’s roots are in South Texas, where he was born into a strong Christian family. Bill trusted God as an eight-year-old, but had little grasp of what it meant to be a true follower of Jesus until age sixteen, when he had a profound experience of God’s love and grace. This experience marked a dramatic transition — from practicing religion to following Jesus as Lord of life. Shortly thereafter, Bill sensed a call to ministry and began preaching with youth revivals and “pulpit supply.”

Upon graduating from high school in 1971, he enrolled in Howard Payne College, a small Baptist school in Brownwood, Texas. It was there Bill met Dr. Nat Tracy. Dr. Tracy would become one of the greatest influences on his life, profoundly shaping his understanding of the nature and character of God, and the meaning and manner of living the Christian life. Bill Fowler graduated from Howard Payne in 1975, earning his B.A. in Bible and Practical Theology, with a minor in Philosophy.

While attending Howard Payne, Bill’s early work in Texas included summer youth ministry for churches at Yoakum, Muleshoe, San Antonio, and Smithville. Upon graduation from HPU, he moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, serving as an associate pastor, pastor, church planter, and teacher in a Bible College. During the mid-1980s, Bill served on the Board of Trustees for the founding of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Alberta. During his years based out of Canada, Bill did two sojourns in California. He pastored a church in Crockett while completing his M.Div. (1982), and a church in Pacheco while finishing his Ph.D. (1995) at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, but always returned to Saskatchewan.

In 1997, Dr. Bill Fowler returned to Texas with his Canadian family; wife Dianne, and children Amy, Jeremy, and Becky. He began work in Corpus Christi as interim pastor, and went on to pastor First Baptist Church in Pleasanton for nine years. Dr. Fowler eventually joined the Christian Studies faculty of his alma mater, Howard Payne University. There, he taught Bible, Greek, and Pastoral Ministries. His time at HPU was especially sweet – Dr. Fowler was deeply touched by his opportunities to connect with young people experiencing pivotal moments in their theological journeys.

In 2012, Dr. Fowler attended a week-long summer retreat hosted by his close friend and colleague from Howard Payne — Dr. Jay Smith. The retreat’s goal was to discuss what a seminary created for the 21st century would need to embody. By the end of the week’s retreat, Dr. Fowler was filled with excitement about what the future Yellowstone Theological Institute could become. He moved to Bozeman during the summer of 2015 to assist in the birth and development of what he believes is an incredible opportunity for theological training. Yellowstone Theological Institute has a unique character, and is poised to effectively prepare future leaders for service bringing the Kingdom of God into an ever-changing world.

Dr. Bill Fowler’s academic interests include intertextual connections between the Gospels and the Old Testament. He is also intrigued by the organic church movement. Away from books, he enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, and playing basketball; he is an avid San Antonio Spurs fan.


Ph.D., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

M.Div., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

B.A., Howard Payne University

Academic Experience

  • Church Relations Liaison and Professor of Biblical Studies, Yellowstone Theological Institute, 2017-present

  • Provost and Professor of Biblical Studies, Yellowstone Theological Institute, 2015-2017

  • Associate Professor, Christian Studies, Howard Payne University, 2014-2015
    Honored as “Outstanding Faculty Member” 2014-2015

  • Assistant Professor, Christian Studies, Howard Payne University, 2007-2014
    Received award for “Excellence in Teaching” 2011-2012

  • Adjunct Professor, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fall 1999

  • Adjunct Professor, Howard Payne University (Baptist Learning Center, Corpus Christi), Fall 1998

  • Adjunct Professor, Wayland Baptist University (San Antonio Center), Summer 1998

  • Instructor, Greek, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, CA, 1991-1994

  • Instructor, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries, Seminary Extension Center Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1984-1989

  • Instructor, Greek, Religious Education, Evangelism, Canadian Baptist Theological College, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1976-1979, 1982-1983

  • Ministry Reflection Group Leader, Supervised Ministry Program, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, California, 1993-1994

Courses Taught:

Yellowstone Theological Institute (2015-2017)
  • BIB 200 Hermeneutics

  • BIB 201 Old Testament: Text, Theology, and Interpretation

  • BIB 201 Old Testament: Torah and Histories

  • BIB 202 Old Testament: Prophets and Poetry

  • BIB 202 New Testament: Text, Theology, and Interpretation

  • BIB 203 New Testament: Gospels/Life & Teachings of Jesus

  • BIB 203 Missio: Israel, Acts, and the Early Church

  • BIB 204 New Testament: Acts to Revelation

  • BIB 300 Advanced Biblical Studies: The Sermon on the Mount

  • LAN 200 Introduction to Exegetical Tools (LOGOS)

Howard Payne University (2007-2015)
  • BIB 1303 Old Testament Introduction

  • BIB 1304 New Testament Introduction

  • BIB 331 Life and Teachings of Jesus

  • BLA 2411 Elementary Greek I

  • BLA 2412 Elementary Greek II

  • BLA 3401 Intermediate Greek

  • BLA 4351 Advanced Exegesis – The Epistle of James

  • BLA 4351 Advanced Exegesis – The Epistle of Philippians

  • BLA 4351 Advanced Exegesis – The Epistle of 1 Peter

  • BLA 4351 Advanced Exegesis – The Sermon on the Mount

  • BLA 4351 Advanced Exegesis – The Epistle of Ephesians

  • PTH 1100 Introduction to Ministry

  • PTH 3200 Supervised Ministry

  • PTH 3311 The Work of the Minister

  • PTH 4312 Christian Proclamation (Advanced Narrative Preaching)

  • PTH 5312 A Practical Theology of Ministry (MA/Theology and Ministry)

  • PTH 62XX Mentorships in the Master of Arts program (MA/Youth Ministry)

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (San Antonio campus, 1999)
  • NT 452 The New Testament Interpretation of the Old Testament

Wayland Baptist University (San Antonio campus, 1998)
  • RLGN 1303 Introduction to the Old Testament

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (1991-1994)
  • Greek 101 Elementary Greek

  • Greek 112 Exegesis of Philippians

  • Served as Leader/Mentor for Ministry Reflection Groups in Supervised Ministry

Seminary Extension Center, Scarborough Baptist Church, Prince Albert, Sask. CA (1983-1989)
  • How to Understand the Bible

  • Dynamics of Teaching

  • Principles of Preaching

  • Christian Stewardship

  • The Gospel of John

  • Public Worship

  • The Life of Christ

  • Pastoral Care

  • The Pastor as Person

Canadian Baptist Theological College, Saskatoon, Sask., CA (1976-1979, 1982-1983)
  • Elementary Greek I & II

  • Christian Ethics

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Introduction to Christian Education

  • Evangelism

  • History of Revivals

Lectures/conferences shared:

“The Doctrine of Sanctification: Journey into Christlikeness,” at Sound Doctrine for Millennials and Baby Boomers, First Baptist Church, Devine, TX, Spring 2017.

“Being the Church to the Unchurched,” as part of the Local Church Leadership Initiative of Yellowstone Theological Institute at Boise, ID; Bellingham, WA; and Bozeman, MT; 2016; and at the regional meeting of the American Baptist Churches of the Northwest in Hamilton, MT, Fall 2016.

“Paul and Parenting,” as part of the Local Church Leadership Initiative of Yellowstone Theological Institute at Boise, ID, and Bellingham, WA, 2016; and Bozeman, MT; 2017.

“The Whole Gospel and the Servant Church,” for The Legacy of Dr. Nat Tracy, Currie-Strickland Distinguished Lectures in Christian Ethics, Howard Payne University, Spring 2010.

“Organic Church,” for Frontiers in Baptist Thought, Howard Payne University, Fall 2009.

“Are House Churches Biblical?” for conference on House Church Ministry, hosted by the San Antonio Baptist Association, San Antonio, TX, Spring 2008.


Ezekiel in the Background to the Fourth Gospel: Intertextuality and Interpretation. With Michael Strickland. An update of my 1995 dissertation. Netherlands: E.J. Brill, 2018.

Pastoring the Local Church. A text and study guide for the Certificate of Christian Ministry program of Wayland Baptist University, San Antonio campus, 2008.

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